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Feedstock Pretreatment Unit

Alfa Laval Equipment and Process Design

Founded in 1883, Alfa Laval is a global leader in renewable feedstock pretreatment systems

  • Ability to handle multiple types of feedstocks
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Deep removal of phosphorous and free fatty acids, for the highest feedstock quality and maximized catalyst life

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Steam Methane Hydrogen Reformer


Founded in 1879, Linde is a global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen.

Produces hydrogen for the hydrotreater.

  • Excess steam from the SMR is routed to a steam turbine/generator, producing 800 KW of power to offset electricity requirements and recycle the water.
  • Optimized plant design to reduce energy costs
  • Full automation with fail-safe controls that allow unattended operation
  • Energy recovery of propane from hydrotreater

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Hydrotreating and Catalyst Provider

Axens North America

Founded in 2001, Axens is a leading provider of technologies to convert biomass into biofuels.

Converting triglycerides into renewable diesel, naphtha, and propane.

  • Propane that is produced is recycled back to the SMR and used as feedstock
  • Minimizes CO2 formation and maximizes yield
  • Multi-year cycle lengths using a robust catalyst system
  • Market-leading reactor heat management resulting in reduced reactor sizing
  • Manages pressure drop utilizing unique HyClean® reactor internals and process scheme
  • Full feedstock flexibility without modifications
  • SAF production capable
  • Full cold flow property flexibility

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Amine Removal

Kinder Morgan

  • Full removal of contaminant gases

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Waste Water Treatment

Evoqua Water

  • High efficiency at lowest cost
  • No sewer discharge or hazardous waste

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