Plant Facility

The New Rise facility is built on a 10 acre parcel located within the largest industrial complex in the US (TRIC) at 611 Peru Drive, McCarran NV 89436. The newly constructed infrastructure includes a 16 car heated rail spur, over 5 million gallons of tankage, co-generation, off gas energy recovery, water recovery, and all state-of-the-art proven technologies for hydrotreating, hydrogen reformer, feedstock pretreatment and waste-water treatment.

The facility is designed and configured to produce 3200 Barrels per day of renewable drop-in diesel that meets all ASTM D975 fuel specifications. All fuels are made from renewable triglyceride feedstocks (Ie. Corn, soy, sunflower or other qualifying oils) that meet the Federal Renewable Fuels Standard. The facility is also convertible to produce renewable Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) using the same feedstocks and infrastructures.

The facility is fully permitted and licensed in the State of Nevada, and Story County, meets all Federal Renewable Fuels Standards, and is capable of providing qualified fuels under the California Low Carbon Fuels Standard Program, Oregon Low Carbon Fuels Standard Program and Washington Low Carbon Fuels Standard Program.

infographic showing new rise renewables renewable diesel plant process flow
graphic showing biodiesel facility layout